What Are The Causes of rashes in girls

What Are The Causes of rashes in girls

The rumen in girls

Many girls face the problem of rheumatism , which causes them discomfort and embarrassment because of the asymmetrical and unseemly shape of the body, which is an accumulation of fat in the abdomen, in addition to the inflation in the volume of fat cells in this region; because of the practice of many unhealthy habits , And girls wonder about ways to get rid of this problem, but must understand very well what are the causes of the emergence of rumen, and try to avoid as much as possible.

Causes of rashes in girls

Surrender to laziness, lethargy, sleep after eating directly.
Drink soft drinks and processed juices while eating.
Exercising abdominal exercises in the wrong way, such as not moving all the abdominal muscles.
Lifting heavy weights at random, causing abdominal muscles to decline and the appearance of the rumen.
Eating fast will cause large amounts of food without feeling full, and this will lead to the expansion of the abdomen and large size.
Colon problems.
The bad psychological conditions that lead some to eat a lot.
Sitting with the back bends for long periods, affecting the abdominal muscles, causing the expansion and appearance of the rumen .
Eat large meals, such as one meal a day, instead of three main meals.
Eating heavily during pregnancy, and not taking into account the standards of quantity allowed daily or health quality.
Do not eat enough water daily.
Eat calories and hard-to-digest foods like junk food, as well as high-carbohydrate intake.
Treat salts significantly.
Not practicing sports of all kinds.
Not taking enough sleep a day.
Drinking large amounts of alcohol.

Types of rumen

Muscle rashes: It is the result of muscle problems in the abdominal area; because of the movement of the muscles of the body without moving the muscles of the center, and occurs when sitting for long periods with moving the arms alone.

The loose rumen: It is the result of the wrong use of the abdominal muscles, that only two muscles of the abdominal muscles are used, leading to the laziness of the muscles unused and slack, and the emergence of flexions in the abdomen.

The bulging rumen: It is caused by a lot of eating and drinking, and eat it greedily.
Hormonal rumen: a jagged rumen resulting from the presence of hormonal disorders, and a defect in the process of secretion of various substances in the body.

It is very important to change the bad habits and practices mentioned previously to get rid of the rumen, in addition to practicing special exercises to address this problem, and can be placed on the abdominal torsion until the size of the stomach is reduced. 

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